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.link is the most logical TLD
for any type of link
Products & Platforms
  • Link in Bio Tools
  • Link Shorteners & Link Management Platforms
  • Digital Business Cards
  • Payment Platforms with payment links
  • QR Code Generators
Link Types
  • Website links
  • Branded Campaign links
  • Branded Product links
  • Branded Payment links
  • Link in Bio Profile link
  • Social links
  • QR Code links
  • Digital Business Card links
  • Verifiable links
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Forward-thinking brands,
creators and web3 pioneers
Any brand, any business, anywhere can use a .link domain. The .link TLD is used by creators, entrepreneurs, and forward-looking brands, who distribute their content through a wide variety of digital platforms and tools and tie everything together with a .link domain.
Reasons to believe
Why .link?
It just makes sense!
Powerful call-to-action
Using a .link domain to link to and from a brand or individual's digital universe, creates a powerful, conversion-boosting call-to-action
Improves link performance
With .link, your customers can boost trust and improve link performance, leading to a 39% higher click-through rate
Creates trust
.link is universally understood and makes shared links instantly trustworthy
Logical choice for links
When compared to other TLDs, .link is the most relevant and logical choice for the links of any brand or business, anywhere
Valuable brand asset
The .link domain is a valuable asset in a brand's marketing toolkit, especially if it's used for branded, socia, campaign and product links
Complementary to other TLDs
.link compliments all other TLDS as part of an effective marketing and communications strategy
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